The end of the tuition fees in Germany is approaching

In Bavaria on Thursday has started a petition against the charges. To be successful in the next two weeks to ten percent of the Bavarian electors participate – that would be about 940,000 signatures. “I think that we will be passing the test,” said the mayor of Munich and the SPD’s top candidate for the upcoming state election, Christian Ude.

“Tuition fees are a violation of the principle that education should be free.” If this quorum is reached, the law provides two options, either sets of the concerns of the petition to parliament directly.In a survey of the Bavarian Radio recently, three-quarters of the electorate to abolish. The Bavarian Free Voters had last year sued the right to hold a referendum in court. For the organization of the referendum were the Free Voters an alliance with the SPD, Greens, Left, pirates, ODP and unions.

Against tuition fees

In the Bavarian parliament, there are already a large majority for abolition. Only the coalition partner FDP is still fighting for the fees. Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) expects that the charges fall eventually anyway. Nevertheless, his party does not participate in the referendum. “A government cannot collect signatures against itself,” said Seehofer.

If the referendum against tuition fees is successful, the parliament will be in April or May need to position it. Whether the fees sought by opponents of a referendum could take place directly at the state election date, it remains questionable. Ulrike also Goth, university spokeswoman for the state parliament Greens, rejects the statement of Ruppert. The fear of the university president was indeed understandable, she says. “However, this should therefore not start a campaign against the current referendum”.

Important it is in the government to demand a reliable funding.Currently, only Bavaria and Lower Saxony still require tuition. In Lower Saxony, is elected on Sunday, Prime Minister David McAllister (CDU) wants in the case of an election victory to adhere to the charges. SPD and the Greens should win; they want to abolish the fees quickly. So shake the last bastions pay: In the past decade, seven countries had introduced tuition fees, five of them have already been abolished.